Smoothy Booty Cafe


12/31 was our last day open at our present location in Wakefield. We will be closed until spring, when we will reopen in our new location on Boon Street in Narragansett! We hope to see you soon!!

About Us


The Smoothy Booty, sister business to the popular Bluebird Cafe, opened in the summer of 2009, featuring smoothies, coffees, and fresh baked goods in an island atmosphere across from the South County Bike Path! Since then, we have expanded our offerings to include green smoothies, a fresh juice bar, acai bowls and bubble tea, sandwiches, and exotic gifts.

From Scratch

Our custom made smoothies are crafted from our own recipes, using only the finest ingredients. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not use premade smoothy mixes. Rather, our smoothies are made from real unsweetened fruit and juices, and are available in hundreds of combinations to satisfy both the discriminating tastes and dietary preferences of our customers.


Our smoothies cater to healthy lifestyles and fitness-oriented people of all ages. Smoothies are a delicious, refreshing treat that are rich in nutrients and low in calories. Our optional smoothy enhancers enrich our smoothies with energy, protein, immunity, antioxidants, greens, vitamins, nutrients to promote weight loss, and more.


Super cute place with a chill vibe. I had a mango-coconut-pineapple smoothie that was awesome!

Sarah D., Jun. 2016

This is a cute little place with lots of great options. We stopped in to grab a refreshing smoothie. The ingredients were all fresh and healthy, unlike most smoothie places that use tons of artificial juices. The smoothie was delicious and the staff was super friendly! They had little purses and decorations displayed that you could buy too! What a great addition to downtown Wakefield! I will definitely be stopping off here on my way to the beach this summer!

Bethany S., Mar. 2016

Supercool spot for coffee, amazing smoothies, artwork, funky jewelry, or just a friendly welcome to Wakefield. The main room is decked out with comfy couches and strong wifi, and the menu includes an incredible array of drinks, from coffee-black to smoothies-mindblowing. Solid sandwich and salad menu for lunch, as well. There's a great garden and seating out front, and all the cool people from town seem to visit to order their favorites. Right off the rail trail in town too, so it's convenient for sweaty people. My fave place in this great little town. Quirky, not like the chain-coffee behemoth elsewhere in Wakefield. You know that a place that offers Haitian oil drum art and Bob Marley onesies has really got it down, one-world-wise.

Peter M., Aug. 2013

"Made with tons of fresh fruit, this tropical frozen treat was refreshing and light. It was an exotic fusion of pineapple and mango that tasted just like a tropical daiquiri."

SO RI, Aug. 2010